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    A lot of people are saying what you're saying about there being "no reason" it can't do what the Kindle does 90% as well. Us loyal kindle readers may disagree, though - one huge attraction of the kindle is the special non-backlit screen. I can't read on the iphone or a computer for prolonged amount of time (my eyeballs start to hurt). This to me is the number one reason why the kindle pwns. So unless the tablet is going to have a special screen that can both be a normal screen AND a good e-reader screen (which was rumored at some point), I'm skeptical on the iTablet as eReader me it would be more like 10% as good, rather than 90%!

    Xris Ernest Hall

    @andrewbhall: valid point.. i've not ever used a kindle for extended periods, so my ignorance shows in what I wrote above. I wonder how hard it would be for Apple to have the tablet go into a special non-backlit reading mode?

    David Jacobs

    I'm actually beginning to think they'll have a higher end model - $1200-$1400.

    Xris Ernest Hall

    @Djacobs: that's possible, if they also offer a model with a 256gb SSD. But I'm guessing they won't, because when Apple announces a product they usually only offer two models, at most. When the ipod first came out there was only the 5gb model. There were only two iphones when that was announced, etc. Again, I'm just extrapolating from what I know of Steve Jobs's history. He likes things simple. So, my prediction is one screen size, two price points based on different amounts of memory, just like the iphone.

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